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Opt for A Gentle Mindset When Things Are Heavy

Updated: Feb 19

Struggle has been a companion of mine over the past few years. I don't particularly love having it along for the ride, but that's how it's been.

When life is flowing smoothly it's easy to disconnect from spiritual practices and emotional nourishment - I sort of feel like I don't need them. I get far away from the mat. Yet, when adversity comes I often throw myself back into practice.

Can I just move, meditate, and pray for a faster wisdom download? To go straight through it?

It's a cycle that perhaps you've been on before too.

Our perspective on how we approach the inevitability of hardship in life in part determines how we navigate it, and the meaning (and learning) we gather from it. Developing a gentler inner dialogue is one of the most powerful and productive ways to effect how we approach life.

Mantras to Cultivate Gentle Strength

When using mantras, say them out loud!

We know that neuroplasticity is possible, and verbalizing a mantra helps interrupt negative feedback loops and opt for a different perspective.

Mantras, or mind tools, literally rewire and create new neuro-pathways that create change from the inside out.

  • Post these on your bathroom mirror

  • Recite them aloud along with deep breathing

  • Start and/or end each day with 3 minutes of meditation

  • Journal and reflect on your observations

Inner Strength Mantras

I have what it takes to move forward.

I embrace my progress and release attachment to perfection.

I can get through uncomfortable feelings.

My failure is not final.

My presence is a blessing.

My work is worthy

Rest is my birthright.

I am limitless.

Yoga provides a space to:

  • Actively change unhelpful core beliefs

  • Learn emotion regulation skills

  • Lessen anxiety about the future

  • Discover strategies to cope with discomfort.

Life isn’t easy.

Obstacles are inevitable.

They will come and go, and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.

However, staying stuck is another matter.

By accepting the struggles that come with facing challenges in life, helps us recognize this is temporary and part of the process, it is possible to move forward - even ever so gently.

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