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"The only person responsible for your amazing life - is you! And what a gift it is to be alive." - Julia

 Julia Marie Lopez (ERYT500, YACEP, CPT-NCSF, SNS-NCSF, YLC)  is a traveling yoga teacher, teacher trainer, Yoga Life Coach, and yoga business owner sought for her humor, heart and ability to seamlessly weave concepts that excite her -  yoga philosophy, western exercise science, and the magic of creativity -  into courses and programs that empower her clients to fuel their drive with radical self-love and purpose.


She became a teacher to share what she found through Yoga: empowerment, compassion and limitless potential.   


On the mat, Julia's classes are merge philosophy with a modern approach to functional movement and empowerment.   When she's not on the road Julia lives in Texas where she resides her husband.

Want to know more?
Julia's relationship with yoga began when she was just 14 when a Dance teacher introduced her to guided and moving meditation. Things got serious (seriously, awesome!) when she realized that the yoga's unique combination of movement, breath and meditation, along with somatic therapy, provided relief from PTSD, anxiety, and depression.  

Julia enrolled in her first training in 2011 and has been teaching and training ever since. Julia chose to continue her studies with an Advanced Vinyasa 500hr training, Yoga Life Coach certification under the expert instruction of Deborah Williamson, and also has additional certifications in personal training, corrective exercise, group fitness and sports nutrition. Over the years Julia has led retreats and trainings around the globe including 200hr teacher trainings, managed continuing education for a chain of 12 studios in the Chicago suburbs, co-founded a national chain of yoga studios.  


Now  now leads her own online classes, co-leads 200 and 300/500 RYS trainings, offers a series of educational workshops at studios across the country, and continues to lead retreats for students and yoga teachers.

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