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Feel like a total QUEEN with this Breath Practice

Three part breath is also called Dirga Pranayama. Dirga (deer-gha) is for complete and total breath.

This weekend I enjoyed my very first Mother's Day. The entire day I felt myself shifting between two feelings: confidence and uncertainty.

"I'm new at this!? Do I even get to be celebrated?"


"Yep. I've got this. I know what to do!"

Getting into the groove, with both of these thoughts still present, is my Motherhood journey thus far. It probably will always be that way. Holding two truths at the exact same time is life - or at least that's been my life.

Yoga asana, yoga philosophy, meditation, breathwork, running and going to the gym, and participating in groups where I can meet with other women - they all help me regulate.

Along with these tools I often lean on principles from A-C-T (acceptance commitment therapy) when I'm feeling imposter syndrome creep in. This is actually one of my favorite counseling perspectives that I've studied in my clinical mental health degree program.

Taking effective ACTion to build a life full of meaning requires an acceptance of pain/uncertainty/ambiguity.

How to move forward when we're feeling panicked?

Take action towards personal values.

Which, sounds great.

But, how do I connect back to my values when ... I'm nervous that I'm going to get it all wrong?

What happens when I'm just second guessing everything?

For me, this is where the Yoga really comes in.

First, Union. I ask for support from my real life partner (because I am so so so blessed to not do this alone and I know that's not the case for everyone).

Second, self-study. I also ask for support from within and partner with my nervous system through pause. Pause is hard for me but I have to do it long enough to listen to our inner wisdom.

When my nervous system is calm and regulated I can:

  1. Quickly tap into my inner resource.

  2. Stay clear headed.

  3. Enjoy the moment!

  4. Quiet self-doubt.

  5. Feel grounded for myself and my fam.

Maybe you're looking for ways to feel like a QUEEN - sovereign, benevolent, accountable, and clear. This might be a breath you enjoy.

Luckily breathing techniques, like Dirga Pranayama, are easy to do anywhere.

3 Part Breathing:

  • Find sukhasana (easy seat). Use a wall if you need extra support, or lie down flat on the floor

  • Place one hand on your low belly and one hand on your heart.

  • Notice that you've marked out three spaces for breath: low belly, middle torso & ribcage, and chest/upper back

  • Proceed to to breathe in

    • Low belly

    • Ribcage

    • Chest

  • Then breathe out

    • Chest

    • Ribcage

    • Belly

I've made a free tutorial on my site to follow along. Give it a try!

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